Development List (Minor Leagues Only)

Development List (Minor Leagues Only)

With approval of the MLB Commissioner, a player on a minor league Domestic Reserve List can be placed on the Development List if the player is at the parent organization's Minor League Spring Training Complex or at a club-approved training facility for the purpose(s) of development and/or conditioning.
NOTE: As part of his development and/or conditioning, a player on the Development List can remain with his minor league club and take batting practice, fielding practice, throw bullpen side sessions, and/or serve as a bullpen catcher, batting practice pitcher, or base coach.    

A player on Optional Assignment from an MLB Reserve List (40-man roster) can be placed onto the Development List of the minor league affiliate to which he has been optioned, but only with consent of the player.  

A player cannot be placed on the Development List for the purpose of injury rehabilitation or disciplinary action.

A player can be placed on the Development List only during his minor league club's regular season, the player must remain on the Development List for at least seven days, and the player must be reinstated from the Developmental List no later than the day after the conclusion of his minor league club's season.

A player on the Development List counts against the in-season minor league 180-man Domestic Reserve List (or MLB 40-man roster if the player is on Optional Assignment), but he does not count against the minor league club's Active List roster.  

If a player is injured while on the Development List, the player must be transferred to a 7-day IL or 60-day IL. Days spent on the Development List prior to the injury count toward the minimum number of days the player must spend on the IL before he is eligible to be reinstated.

A player is paid by the MLB club while he is on the Development List.  

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