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Brewers Beat Cubs and Suddenly, Ron Santo Seems Quite Articulate

Things have gotten so bad with the Cubs that Ron Santo's heavy sighs and plaintive wails and exclamations of "C'mon!" and "No!" actually capture precisely the way I now feel while listening to or watching the action.

Tuesday night the Cubs fell to a season-worst 15 games under .500, losing their seventh in a row, 4-3, to the Brewers. (Lest we forget, the Brewers had lost five in a row before this series began.)

Thomas Diamond, the starting and losing pitcher for the Cubs, was making his first Major League start and wound up tying Mark Prior's franchise record for strikeouts by a pitcher making his Cub debut with 10. Diamond also managed to keep the Cub bullpen on the sidelines until the 7th inning, throwing 122 pitches in the process, which was the highest pitch count by a player making his first MLB appearance since 2001.

The Cub offense provided the usual mix of flat-out failure—1-for-11 with RISP—and comic ineptitude. The game essentially ended right after Starlin Castro drove in Mike Fontenot with the Cubs' third run in the final inning. Castro slipped while trying to stretch his single into a double and was thrown out in a rundown between first and second. Derrek Lee then fanned for the final out. 

Aside from dropping seven games in a row, the Cubs have now gone 49 innings without even having a lead.


I haven't been paying that close attention, but wasn't Wellman saying Diamond had been on a pretty strict pitch count his last few outings? so wtf if that's true?

"Carlos Zambrano will return to the Chicago Cubs' starting rotation on Monday against the San Francisco Giants, manager Lou Piniella said on Wednesday." ... "I've been in this game for nine years," Zambrano said. "For seven years, I've been doing a good job and the last few years unfortuiantely I haven't. But it's not [too] late. It's not [too] late. We still have two months to go to try to finish over .500."

Ohh geez dude he has a goal of wanting to help the team win more games. What would you like him to say to be more Politically Correct for you? He kinda did that when he yelled out Lee. The team is playing like horseshit and we haven't got a shot in hell of doing anything? So i am just gonna play half-ass baseball because no one gives a fuck anymore? For a 140 million they should sack up and try and play for some fucking pride. But with sleepy Lee, and dopey Ramirez the Cubs will be stuck in "I don't give a fuck" mode for awhile. Remember we tried to add a little fire to the clubhouse in adding Bradley because our two-current team leaders are about as boring and lifeless as the baseball they currently play. I am just saying the old blood of the Clubhouse is the shrug your shoulders type of guys who say, "Ohh well we will get them tomorrow," as they hop in their limo.

For some positive news... - Soto is a damn good hitter, with a higher OBP and SLUG than any qualifying catcher, though Soto doesn't qualify. With unqualified folks, he has a higher OPS than everyone but Posey. - Castro and Colvin are looking more and more legit every day. - The Cubs just scored some runs. By the way... do people still really think that the Cubs are not better off with Castro at SS rather than Theriot?

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In reply to by big_lowitzki

I don't remember seeing the comment about Castro either but maybe some clown jumped to conclusions when he struggled in June. I remember early on it seemed like he wasn't hitting anything at all to left field, outs or not, and now, after his own adjustment maybe, he is. I dunno about everyone else but I like this kid a lot. I'm even positive right now about DeWitt, who, if he was just coming up from the minors, I'd say is can't miss just based on what little I've seen. Nice swing, good instincts in the field. He's 24 and appeared in just a little more than a season's worth of MLB games, and of course was a first rounder. So I'm really interested to see how he does from here on out.

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In reply to by The Real Neal

Ryan Howard played just 88 games in 2005 and won, Raul Mondesi played 112, Bob Hamelin 101 games - so it happens. Castro will probably end up at around 110 games played. Posey will be behind that in games so I doubt he gets much consideration. Jay, Johnson, and Walker won't have even close to enough. Venters, as a middle reliever, probably won't get much consideration either. I can't see Niese getting any more than a stray one or two votes. Leake will get a few back-end votes because of his W-L, but he hasn't really impressed that much. Strasburg will get some votes just because of this dominance, but with only 9 starts, many voters will shy away and he won't likely get many first place votes. But he will get a couple just because voters are stupid like that. Haywerd figures to finish with a low average, but 15-20 homers, and 75-80 runs and RBI. Colvin's average will be about the same, and he will have more HR (20-25?), but probably 15 fewer runs and RBI. Sanchez will have similar runs and RBI to Heyward, and a much higher average, but fewer homers than either Heyward or Colvin. When compared to those three, Castro will have the highest average and will get credit for defense, but falls well short on HR, RBI, and Runs, and doesn't have any stolen bases to make up for it. Garcia will finish with 12-15 wins and a solid ERA and I think gets a lot of consideration. In two months a lot can happen, but I see something like: 1. Heyward 2. Garcia 3. Sanchez 4. Strasburg 5. Colvin 6. Castro Others with a few votes - Posey, Leake, etc. mainly from the writers who cover those teams.

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In reply to by Rob G.

It's complicated. from the article: "The F.C.C., meanwhile, favors a level playing field, but it cannot impose one as long as its authority over broadband is in legal doubt. It has proposed a solution that would reclassify broadband Internet service under the Communications Act from its current designation as an “information service,” a lightly regulated designation, to a “telecommunications service,” a category that, like telephone service, is subject to stricter regulation."

I know this is nothing new, but man there were so many drunken, loud idiots (rooting for both teams) at the game yesterday. Was hoping for a nice, relaxing day at the park and it turned into quite the opposite. I can't even believe they kept serving the guy behind me.

Did not see the game, only the box score, where he looked as good as I would expect from someone just getting called up again and knowing this may be a chance to impress for next year (i.e. not great control, quality start and lots of Ks due to good stuff and adrenalin). Did he look as good as the line? Or are there things that are not seen in the box score (like lots of hard hit balls right at people that were outs or most of the hits being bloopers that fell in the right spot, for example). Thank you for any insight.

castro's hitting well, but...well...there's june vs. july...he's going to swing. he's also trying to turn everything that's a marginal double into a double...i guess his youth comes in handy there because he's not been snagged being stupid on the basepaths too much. the major thing that bothers me is 17 of his 21 walks are in the 8 slot (96 of 277ab). he's going to put pretty much everything in play unless there's a pitcher hitting behind him it seems. so far having dlee behind him is working out, but he's picked up "only" 2 walks in 116ab. ...and yeah, i should use PAs, not ABs, but we can get the gist of it.

rick sanchez (CNN) has spent the last 3 minutes ranting about how no one gives a flying f**k about arod and his 600HR...good commentary, sharp and to the point. he put MLB (the whole organization) #1 on his piece "The List You Don't Want to Be On." he blamed MLB pretty sharply for allowing a game so closely tied to numbers to enter a lost era that effects the numbers.

So it would be about yesterday when Lou and Jim had a talk with D.Lee and told him you are only going to start at first about half the games left because we want to look at options for first for 2011. Would they be forward thinking to let someone besides Nady or Lee play first. Maybe they learned from not playing Theriot at second in the spring.

Recent comments

  • crunch (view)

    morel played somewhere besides 3rd and SS...he got 8 innings in CF, 2 putouts and an assist.

  • crunch (view)

    ryan flaherty new cubs bench coach.

  • crunch (view)

    bellinger wins comeback player of the year.  the AL winner was liam hendricks and his 5ip before he got tommy john...setting himself up for a 2025 shot at the award.

  • Bill (view)

    I hope that Perlaza goes on to have a successful career.  On most Cubs teams prior to the current administration, he would have been one of their more highly ranked prospects.  As far as the others are concerned, one or more may well go on to be much better than expected, but unfortunately there is no way to tell which one at the present time.  You can't keep everyone.

  • crunch (view)

    s.gray signs with the cards...3/75m

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    Another one of the nine Cubs post-2023 Rule 9 minor league 6YFA has signed, as RHP Carlos Guzman (acquired from the Tigers for Zack McKinstry at the end of Spring Training) signed a 2024 minor league contract with the Mets. 


    So RHRP Yovanny Cruz (SD), C-INF P. J. Higgins (CIN), and now Carlos Guzman (NYM) have already signed 2024 minor league contracts with new MLB organizations, and OF Yonathan Perlaza is headed for Korea (Hanhwa Eagles).

  • crunch (view)

    ...and back to 3rd for another game.  at this point i'm gonna hang back and when/if he actually plays 1st then i'll find it notable.  i am glad he's playing a good amount of 3rd, though...give the club one more good look at him there.  shrug

  • crunch (view)

    morel played SS last night (no errors)...hit a homer and a double.  he's got 2 of both in 19PA.

  • crunch (view)

    e.escobar was throwing 95-97mph on his fastball in 2023.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    One more thing about Edwin Escobar. Even though he had accrued less than one year of MLB Service Time prior to signing with Nippon Ham in 2017 (he ended up eventually with Yokohama), he will have Article XIX-A rights by virtue of the seven seasons he spent in Japan. So he will be essentially locked on the 40-man roster (or at least he can't be outrighted without his consent), and he will be a FA whenever his contract expires.