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Codi Heuer Smokin' the Heat at Talking Stick

Johan Benitez drilled a two-run triple to cap a four-run 2nd, and Jean Walters (RBI double) and Juan Aparicio (RBI single) stroked run scoring hits to highlight a two-run 3rd, as the Diamondbacks Black squad defeated the Cubs 6-4 in Cactus League Extended Spring Training game action Saturday morning on Whirlwind Field at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, east of Scottsdale, AZ.  

Ismael Mena smacked an inside-the-park HR for the Cubs in a losing cause (CF failed to make a diving catch on a line-drive and the ball rolled to the CF wall).

Codi Heuer (March 2022 TJS) saw his first game action since 2021 and worked a 1-2-3 inning, striking out the side (K-swinging, K-swinging, K-swinging). 

The game was called after seven innings of play. 

Here is the abridged box score from the game (Cubs players only): 

1. Ke'Shun Collier, LF: 0-3 (K, K, F-8)
2. Christopher Paciolla, SS: 0-2 (K, K, BB, SB, PO) 
3. Jefferson Rojas, DH #1: 1-3 (2B, E-5, K, R, SB) 
4a. Adan Sanchez, C: 1-2 (1B, 6-3, RBI, CS)
4b. Ronnier Quintero, C: 0-1 (K) 
5. Geuri Lubo, 3B: 0-2 (5-3, F-9 DP, BB) 
6a. Anderson Suriel, 1B: 0-2 (P-4, K) 
6b. Jairo Diaz, 1B: 0-1 (K) 
7. Ismael Mena, CF-DH: 1-2 (F-8, HR, R, RBI)
8. Raino Coran, DH-CF: 1-2 (1B, K, R, SB) 
9. Brayan Altuve, RF: 0-1 (BB, K, R, SB) 
10. Alexis Hernandez, 2B: 0-2 (4-3, K, RBI)

1. Freilyn Silverio: 3.0 IP, 6 H, 6 R (5 ER), 3 BB, 0 K, 1 HBP, 1 WP, 4/2 GO/AO, 58 pitches (30 strikes)
2. Codi Heuer: 1.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 BB, 3 K, 16 pitches (11 strikes) 
3. Carlos Garcia: 3.0 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 1 BB, 1 K, 5/3 GO/AO, 46 pitches (31 strikes) 

1. 2B Alexis Hernandez: E-4 (fielding miscue allowed batter to reach base safely) 
2. 1B Jairo Diaz: E-3 (fielding miscue allowed batter to reach base safely) 

1. Adan Sanchez: 1-2 CS, 2 PB 
2. Ronnier Quintero: 0-1 CS 

WEATHER: Sunny with temperatures in the 90's



"Just because it isn't official doesn't mean it didn't happen"


Morel leads the International League with 11 home runs and 28 RBIs. He’s fourth in the league in batting average. 

Noticed Morel was taken out after a HBP (although, it was an inning or so later), were they prayerfully just wanting to get Hill in because of the large lead?

Also noticed Fabrizio was replaced after being tagged out at home today for Myrtle Beach, same with Chavers the other day (haven't seen him in the lineup since).......

it would be nice to have velaz + morel as CF options next year.  PCA might force his way into a 2024 (or sooner) role, which would make options even richer.  i haven't heard a lot about morel's CF defense in AAA this season, but i hope it's better than what he showed in the bigs last year.

morel is also good enough to play 3rd/2nd if needed...plays a decent SS, too.  the positive clubhouse presence and enthusiasm skills are 80-of-80.  can't wait to have him back in the bigs.

unless a bunch of injuries or trades happen, all 3 OF slots and SS/2nd/3rd are pretty solidly covered with good backup options for a number of years with the club control + long-term contracts.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

My opinion is that Bellinger is not going to be on the team next year, he's 27 (turning 28), and if he's playing anything close to like he is now, he's going to want/get a 7 year contract; my only question is do we trade him at the deadline for value? Because we wouldn't get a draft pick, or any sort of compensation, besides knowing we helped a guy revive his career as we waited for our prospects to prayerfully mature and develop to take over his position. If you include Wisdom in the: trade at the deadline/while their value is high group, could Morel/Rios/Mastrobuoni/Slaughter/Madrigal at 3B, and Morel/Velasquez/Mastrobuoni/Happ/Suzuki at CF play adequately enough defensively to allow for trading Bellinger and Wisdom? (DFAing Madrigal/Rios/Hosmer would be acceptable as well, unless someone somehow would want to trade for them) Morel at least coming up to be a Zobrist type makes sense, I just see Velasquez and Morel and Mervis and anyone else coming up being more successful in a: play 5ish games a week as a starter type role, rather than a: late inning replacement and 1 to 2 days a week starting type role............

[ ]

In reply to by Finwe Noldaran

im assuming bellinger is gone, too.  it would require a multi-year contract for good $$ to keep him around and the cubs have MLB + near-MLB talent ready to take over 2024+.

it's not that the cubs don't have the loot, but they don't have the need with 3+ options for bellinger's spot.  throw that $$ at the SP budget...

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

Exactly, only issue is the front office actually making the transactions to facilitate the prospects coming up for consistent playing time, and Ross actually playing them. I have this sinking suspicion that Ross is a lame duck coach, and the front office is wanting to be competitive in 1 to 2 years; then, once the roster is fleshed out a little better (or as they're fleshing it out), get a real manager and look at a minimum 4 - 5 year window where they're all in for winning. God-willing they just make better decisions than the one's we look at with that 20-20 hindsight from the Theo years.......

[ ]

In reply to by Finwe Noldaran

i just hope it's not joe girardi.  based on his work in PHI he's not exactly great at managing strong personalities and he gets really attached to "tools" players even if they can't put up the numbers to compliment those tools.

it feels like half the time girardi is working the booth for Marquee, he's auditioning for a job in the dugout.

[ ]

In reply to by crunch

If I were in Jed/Carter's position, I would be STRONGLY courting Ohtani's people. He would be my #1 thru #10 off season FA priority. My guess is that he will command 10 years at $500-550M. He would be worth every penny.


Shohei is a 4 WAR DH and a 4.5 WAR SP#1. That's essentially a $70-75m/yr value. Yes, please. I'll take one.


Assuming Bellinger and Stroman decline their options, here are my 2024 CUBS:


Crow-Armstrong, Cf

Hoerner, 2b

Ohtani, DH

Swanson, SS

Mervis, 1b

Suzuki, Rf

Happ, Lf

Morel / Wisdom, 3b

Barnhart / Amaya, C

Velazquez, 4th OF

SP - Ohtani, Steele, Taillon, Wesneski, Smyly or Wicks

RP - K. Thompson, Alzolay, Brown, Hughes, FA/RP better than Boxberger & Fulmer.


BTW, AAV payroll (including benefits, bonuses, Bote contract, Split salaries) is $165M before Ohtani's salary. That allows Arbitration increases to Steele, Keegan, Alzolay, & Wisdom. Also $12-13m for 2 FA RPs (double what they paid this year's duo).


If they pay even $55/yr AAV to Ohtani, the 2024 payroll is &17M UNDER the cap.


Would Shohei even want to play for the Cubs? Don't know. But I sure as hell would try.

we're going into may with PIT in 1st and STL in last place.  BOS/NYY are tied for last place in the AL East.

Feels like the Cubs may be working both sides of the table this year. Some players need to be moved to make room for kids. There are also contract considerations (e.g. Stroman, Bellinger) That’s not a fire sale but could lead to so interesting “baseball trades” this summer.

Recent comments

  • crunch (view)

    thomas hatch is going to fight ham in japan.  he was on PIT's 40-man.

  • crunch (view)

    morel played somewhere besides 3rd and SS...he got 8 innings in CF, 2 putouts and an assist.

  • crunch (view)

    ryan flaherty new cubs bench coach.

  • crunch (view)

    bellinger wins comeback player of the year.  the AL winner was liam hendricks and his 5ip before he got tommy john...setting himself up for a 2025 shot at the award.

  • Bill (view)

    I hope that Perlaza goes on to have a successful career.  On most Cubs teams prior to the current administration, he would have been one of their more highly ranked prospects.  As far as the others are concerned, one or more may well go on to be much better than expected, but unfortunately there is no way to tell which one at the present time.  You can't keep everyone.

  • crunch (view)

    s.gray signs with the cards...3/75m

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    Another one of the nine Cubs post-2023 Rule 9 minor league 6YFA has signed, as RHP Carlos Guzman (acquired from the Tigers for Zack McKinstry at the end of Spring Training) signed a 2024 minor league contract with the Mets. 


    So RHRP Yovanny Cruz (SD), C-INF P. J. Higgins (CIN), and now Carlos Guzman (NYM) have already signed 2024 minor league contracts with new MLB organizations, and OF Yonathan Perlaza is headed for Korea (Hanhwa Eagles).

  • crunch (view)

    ...and back to 3rd for another game.  at this point i'm gonna hang back and when/if he actually plays 1st then i'll find it notable.  i am glad he's playing a good amount of 3rd, though...give the club one more good look at him there.  shrug

  • crunch (view)

    morel played SS last night (no errors)...hit a homer and a double.  he's got 2 of both in 19PA.

  • crunch (view)

    e.escobar was throwing 95-97mph on his fastball in 2023.