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Cubs @ Pirates - Hammel vs. Worley; Game 14 Thread

Well last night was fun...I had my KANG!!! headline all set to go before the 9th inning comeback.

Jason Hammel vs. Vance Worley tonight.

#Fowler CFHarrison 3B
Soler RF*Polanco RF
*Rizzo 1BMcCutchen CF
Bryant 3B#Walker 2B
Castro SSMarte LF
*Montero C*Alvarez 1B
*Coghlan LFCervelli C
Hammel PKang SS
Russell 2BWorley P

Unfortunately I was on my way home when most of the fun started last night, first to hear Schlitter blow another game, then the mini-comeback, then the big hit by Kang and didn't know about the comeback until I checked scores way later in the night. But the highlights looked fun...Josh Harrison seemed to play the game-tying chopper by Castro about as poorly as you could, but nice to be on the good end of bad plays.

Russell's debut wasn't much, an 0/5 with 3 K's, but hey, look at Bryant since less-than-stellar first game.

Oh yeah, I installed a little chat box on the right sidebar below the comments. Since many of us are watching on Gameday or delayed broadcasts, I don't want spoilers right at the top of the page. But if you want to try it, click the arrow in the upper right to pop it out on its own box and create an account (preferably use something that we'll recognize as a TCR username, even if it's not exact). See if you guys like it, or just continue to use the comments. I'll take it up and down for the games.


Since I'm sure many of you don't read the posts, I put a chat box in the right sidebar, see the post for instructions. Or keep using the comments, but I'll be less cranky about doing play-by-play in the chat box.

this game is poops. ham not liking the cold weather...or PIT f'n loves it cold.

We're going to wind up moving Bryant to OF not because of bad play at 3B, but because we need someone who can cover some ground out there.  Yeesh.

How are these people logging 2-seam and 4-seam fastballs. Is it easy to tell visually which is which if the pitcher throws both?

[ ]

In reply to by Carlito

traditionally you can tell by the velocity difference if you know the guy changes speed with different fastballs. there's more to it than velocity, though...some people get better break than others on their fastballs (especially 2-seam), so it's not really fair to ignore the quality of the break on a certain fastball unless you're doing it solely for ID purposes.

How in the world did Bryant miss that last pitch? 93mph fastball down the middle, from a lefty, on 3&2. That was the pitch I was hoping he would get. Bummer. Still -- it's always worth sticking around to the end with these guys -- great AB by Rizzo to give them a chance.

Well I signed up for the chat room but didn't get a chance to stick around, although I did see the last couple innings of the game. Wow, Maddon plays every game like it's a playoff game. Crazy mother. One of these days he's going to end up in a 16 inning game and the only guys on the field are gonna be a pitcher and a catcher.

I know this is really off topic and about the NFL, but had to share this great line from Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim talking about the NFL draft: "If Hannibal Lecter ran a 4.3, we'd probably diagnose it as an eating disorder." That is great!

You know, for the past few years, I would often say that the Cubs "got lucky" when they won and usually when the lost they got decidely beaten by the other team. But this year I am starting to feel the opposite a lot. Last night, I felt like the Pirates got lucky and that the Pirates probably also feel like they got lucky and stole one. They had a bunch of cheap hits fall in off Hammel to squeeze out a couple of runs, and they played with fire by putting lots of Cubs on base with some of their best hitters up. Those guys just missed a few pitches that would have turned the game around quickly, and they have to know that they won't happen all too often. Refreshing to feel as a fan. 

German looked filthy last night. He did OK out of the pen in 2013 for the Mets, but slipped a bit last year. Still young though (27) and under club control through 2020. Maybe he's another Strop type player the Cubs can turn around and make into a contributing piece. He was just a waiver claim this off-season so anything he provides is a plus.

Kris Bryant starting in CF? Yes, Kris Bryant is starting in CF!!!

Denorfia LF, Rizzo 1B, Soler RF, Bryant CF, Castro SS, Castillo C, Russell 2B, Hendricks P, Herrera 3B

Can't wait to hear that explanation, although he's probably the fastest of the 3 outfielders out there today. Please don't get hurt.

[ ]

In reply to by Rob G.

I... My biggest problem with this is that Herrera is starting at 3rd. Definitely should have called up an outfielder. Also, somewhat off-topic, anybody know why Almora has been playing so much LF of late?

[ ]

In reply to by Charlie

Did they even have time to call up a player with a 12 hour window between games? I've flown in and out of Des Moines frequently, not many late flights out of Des Moines, doubt if there is even a direct to Pittsburgh. So whomever they are calling up catches a 6 or 7am flight with a O'hare layover, cutting it pretty tight. Do Cubs have a private jet for these type of situations? May have been logistics issue.

I have been watching Cubs games for a long time. They have had better teams over the years, but this team is flat assed fun to watch!

Recent comments

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    I was at the Cubs - Dodgers game at Wrigley Field in May 1967, the last game before Ken Holtzman was to report for active duty and be gone for a long time. (He ended up getting leave occasionally on weekends so he could pitch for the Cubs). Cubs won 20-3. Knocked out Claude Osteen. Holtzman pitched a complete game. Randy Hundley hit a grand slam. Adolfo Phillips hit a HR and a double and drove in six runs. Even Glenn Beckett hit a HR! Ted Savage stole home (and it was a true "Jackie Robinson" steal of home, too, not the back end of a double steal). For me, it was one of the most memorable Cubs games of the 1960's.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    azbobbop: No update on Derniche Valdez. He is still on the Restricted List. 

  • crunch (view)

    ken holtzman has died.

  • crunch (view)

    if it's not a morel injury i'd at least like him to sit long enough to get his finger healed.  he doesn't seem to be swinging as strongly and even foul balls are bothering him.  he's been carrying the injury for a week-ish now.

    dude almost lost is career and use of one of his hands years ago, and he's young...nothing short of his hand falling off will have him telling counsell or the trainers he's not good to go.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    Could be Paternity or Bereavement.

  • crunch (view)


    morel IL (finally)?  cooper done with the cubs?  something else...

    twitter detectives seem to think suzuki may have injured himself yesterday...

  • Childersb3 (view)

    Heyman reports Canario is being promoted
    No mention of who's going down
    This seems weird
    I'm not upset at all, but is he going to play?
    Wisdom staying to Iowa?
    Mastro going down?
    Someone hurt?
    We'll see

  • crunch (view)

    truth.  his velocity does tend to peak out at 80-90 pitches, but i think he has it in him with regular work given what he showed last season.

    the fact he moves so seamlessly between starting and long relief may doom him to the pen, anyway.

  • TarzanJoeWallis (view)

    Phil, my presumption was that the Cubs are sellers at the trade deadline and that Happ would be willing to waive his no trade clause to play for a potential WS champion. Lots of ifs there but I don’t think completely out of the question.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    Julio Teheran was a SP for the Brewers last season, so Counsell should know him pretty well.