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Game 172 (NLCS Game 6) Recap: Cubs 5, Dodgers 0



Box Score, Play Log, Game Graphs

W - Hendricks (1-1), patient Cubs fans.

L - Kershaw (1-1), insufferable talk of curses.


Things to Take from This Game


1. Kyle Hendricks, Cy Young Worthy.

We saw Peak Kyle tonight, with masterful, easy dominance working an 89-90 fastball all over and keeping the changeup darting. He was backed up by our usual, superior defense, save one harmless error from Baez, who more than made up for it on other plays, including the game-ending double-play turn.

2. Leadoff XBH and two-strike RBI.

The Cubs led off the first and second with doubles, and the fourth with a home run. They drove in several runs on two-strike pitches from Kershaw.  This was a dominating offensive performance against Kershaw, being able both to jump on him early in the count, and also to work counts.  Kershaw struggled to put anyone away.

3. Vintage Cubs.

Tonight, the Cubs were the superior defensive team, with the superior starting pitching, a relentless offense and a valuable home-field advantage. It was a game worthy of the time capsule for representing what we've been about this magical year.

Essential Questions

1. Scottie Pippen, WTF.

2. What does the World Series roster look like?

3. Cleveland?  Meh.


Game Recap


  • A John Vincent unleashes a ridiculously long "Free" in the anthem.  Like, get-out-a-beer-from-the-fridge,-open-it,-pour-it,-and-walk-over-to-the-sofa long.

Top of 1st

  •  First pitch of the game, Toles lines a single past Baez.  As an aspiring cord-cutter, I'm without a television or video feed of the game. Listening to Pat and Ron.
  • Very next pitch, Seager bounces a roller up the middle, Baez charges, racing in on the ball, forcing Toles out of his way on the basepath and attemtping to tag him as he dives away from Baez. (On further review, I see that he did successfully tag Toles.) Baez correctly does not pursue beyond that effort, instead throwing to first while Toles is called out for being out, either on the tag or for being out of the baseline. A very Baez-esque double play.  I rate it 4 Baezes on a 5-Baez scale.
  • Turner hits a deep fly ball into right, for an out.

Bottom of 1st

  •  Kershaw's first pitch is quite high.  Fowler then hits a fly ball down the right field line, hitting the chalk and bouncing up. A fan may have contacted the ball, and Reddick gives up on it as if it did. A bit eerily, this maybe-fan-interference is in a similar location on the right field line to... well... you know.... was on the left field line.  Either way, it's a double for Fowler on a nice opposite-way swing. (As I gain access to an online live feed of dubious legality.)
  • Bryant also goes opposite way on another not-trying-to-do-too-much-with-it stroke at a fastball down and away, droping it in front of Reddick and to his left. Fowler scores easily.    1-0 Cubs
  • Rizzo hits one hard into left-center, and Toles, about to make a running catch, has his eye on Bryant and the ball clangs off the heel of his glove. Rizzo, too, was seemingly deliberate in trying to go the other way.  It really was a bag clunker off of Toles' glove.  Runners on 2 and 3.  Dodgers playing the infield back.
  • Zobrist flies out to Pederson in center, with Bryant scoring and Rizzo advancing to third.  2-0 Cubs
  • Baez with a lengthy AB against Kershaw, fouling off a bunch of pitches. On a 2-2 count, Baez pops out to Adrian Gonzalez, who belatedly takes command in front of the mound to avoid another fielding disaster.
  • Contreras also doing a nice job of laying off the fastball up and a curve away, working count to 2-2.  Hits a big chopper to Seager, who makes the play.


Top of 2nd

  • Adrian Gonzalez met with a good round of boos. Hendricks starts him 0-2.  Eventually bounces up the middle, where Russell is shifted to the right-field side of second throw him out from behind second base.
  • Reddick hits right at Baez, who goes down to a knee to field it but the ball comes up, hitting him in the chest. An error on Baez
  • Pederson's AB features a firework going off from somewhere behind the OF, during a pitch. He wwas pretty distracted by it, trying to call for time as the pitch was on the way. No luck. He eventual K's swinging on a high fastball. Contreras was pretty much standing up for the pitch, well executed on that 89 mph high heat.
  • 1-2 on Grandal, and Hendricks picks Reddick off of first, as he stumbles on his way back to the bag. Out by a mile. Interesting to see how much less harmful the Cubs' error was compared to the Dodgers' error.

Bottom of 2nd

  • Addison leads off with a one-hopper off the ivy, just left of the outfield doors in left. Looks like a fastball that got too much of the plate
  • Almora hits a bouncer to third that Turner makes a nice play on, taking a backhand on a tough hop while playing in.
  • Hendricks works a 2-2 count.  3-2.  Fouls off the 3-2 fastball over the plate. Finally, a called strike 3 fastball at the knees. Still, we'll take it.  Hendricks is Kershaw's only K, first time through the order.
  • Fowler lines one through the 6-5 hole. Russell scores, as the ball is cut off and Fowler gets caught between first and second, before being run down to end the inning. 3-0 Cubs.  Kershaw with 46 pitches through 2.

Top of 3rd

  •  Grandal battles to a 3-2 count. Swings and misses on a 90mph fastball for strike 3.
  • Utley lines sharply to Zobrist.
  • Kershaw gets some "Darryl"-esque "Kershaw" chants before striking out swinging.  Quick inning for Kyle.

Bottom of 3rd

  • On a 2-2 pitch, Bryant flies out to Reddick toward the RF line.
  • After two leadoff doubles in two innings, our pace slackens in the third. We get a one-out double, as Rizzo lines one over Pederson's head off of the CF ivy. He smokedone down and in, sort of took Pederson by surprise on how well hit it was.  Pat Hughes is "sure of" having never seen the Cubs with such solid contact early in a game against Kershaw.
  • Zobrist smokes one foul down the left field line.  Got too much of the plate.  Pat Hughes continues to be astonished at how well we're hitting them.  My much delayed very grainy pirated online tv feed also indicates this, as best I can tell.  Zobrist winds up lining/flying out to Pederson.
  • Baez K's swinging.

Top of 4th

  • Toles flies out to Almora in deep right to right-center field, just short of the warning track.
  • Seager with a sad little bouncer back to Hendricks.  Hendricks is cruising.  Ron observes that he "has Ted Barrett, the home-plate umpire, ready to call strikes."
  • Turner flails wildly at a change up down and in, and then fists one to Rizzo, unassisted. A truly sad at bat.  Crowd has been on its feet at the end of each inning.

Bottom of 4th

Top of 5th

  • First-pitch swinging, Gonzalez bounces to Russell, again shifted behind second base and having to range back to the left-field side of the bag.
  • 1-1 pitch to Reddick, pops up to Baez in foul territory, who basically stole it away from Rizzo. Rizzo had been waving him off. Rizzo decides to be amused by this.  Len, on radio, references the kids' popup-catching game "500," which I haven't thought of in ages.  I love Len.
  • Changeup K's Pederson.  A FAST inning, three consecutive 1-2-3 innings, only one hit allowed so far, and has faced the minimum. Hendricks is dominating this game.  55 pitchs thrown through 5.  Fans again finish the inning on their feet.  I am told that Joe Buck is discussing football.

Bottom of 5th

  • Kershaw K's Fowler looking at a pitch on the corner.
  • Bryant lines to Seager
  • Rizzo launches one three rows up into the right field bleaches, with a majestic follow-through on the swing. The crowd goes bonkers. Looks like a fastball down that caught too much of the plate. 5-0 Cubs.
  • Zobrist K's looking at a pitch on the outer corner.  93 pitches for Kershaw.

Top of 6th

  • Kenley Jansen is warming up in the pen.
  • Hendricks strikes out Grandal swinging on a four-seamer running away.  Crowd is going ape-shit.
  • Ethier on-deck to hit for Kershaw.  Utley up.
  • Utley bounces to Baez, who makes a nice charging play to his right for the out.
  • Kershaw out as Ethier pinch-hits. Fans give another big cheer.
  • 3-1 on Ethier, called strike for a full count.  Fans standing again. One-hopper to Bryant to end the inning.

Bottom of 6th

  • Jansen is in. A total elimination-game move. Baez bounces out to Seager.
  • Contreras hits a shallow fly out to Toles, running over into left-center.
  • Russell swings through a fastball, for a very quick inning by Jansen.

Top of 7th.

  • Toles pops out to Russell on the first pitch. This is getting embarassing.
  • Seager K's swinging over a changeup.
  • Turner pops out in foul territory to Rizzo

In the Seventh Inning Stretch, Scottie Pippen comes out to sing. It is the single worst butchering of the Stretch since the Ditka Era. Maybe ever.  After the first two lines, he jumps several verses, realizes he doesn't know the lyrics, shuts up, and lets the fans sing.  He comes back in to sing after a verse or two, his voice dropping a couple of octaves as if to pretend that it was someone else singing, before him.  I hate to say it, but, if anything happens.... I'm blaming Pippen.


Bottom of 7th

  • Jansen K's Almora swinging.
  • Hendricks gets a huge hand as he steps up.  Flies out to Reddick near the line in shallow right.
  • Fowler K's swinging as we see Chapman beginning to warm up.  The strategy of bringing in Jansen early is perhaps the only thing Dave Roberts has done all series to really pay off.

Top of 8th

  • Hendricks has retired 19 of last 20 (and that was a Baez error) and still has faced the minimum. 
  • Gonzalez lazily flies out to center.
  • Reddick lines a single to center.
  • and Hendricks is pulled for Chapman.  Some boos as Maddon comes out, then great cheers as he leaves.
  • 0-2 count, and Kendrick, in to pinch hit for Pederson, lines one to Baez who almost catches it, but instead has trapped it. Without waiting, Baez fires to second. Reddick isn't running from first, and the play happens so quickly that result is a double play to end the inning. The crowd is going bonkers.

Bottom of 8th

  • Tholes moves to Center with Kendrick in Left.  Jansen still pitching. Freezes Bryant looking at a fastball on the inside corner for the out.
  • Rizzo flies out to Toles in center, who makes a nice catch running in and toward left.
  • Ron reports they've closed off all the streets toward Wrigley.
  • Zobrist grounds to Turner, who is shifted from third into shallow right field.

Top of 9th

  • Kike Hernandez pinch hits for Grandal.  0-2.  Chapman throwing 101.  Fans on TV look like they are agonzing. Hernandez K's on a high fastball.
  • Heyward in Right, Almora over to Left, Zobrist is out of the game.
  • Ruiz pinch-hits for Ethier. 3-2 count, check swing, and it's called a no-swing.  Chapman has been hitting 102.
  • Puig hits for Chapman.  First pitch swinging, he hits a big bouncer to Russell who throws to Baez, who makes a good pivot and solid throw, and it's a 6-4-3 gidp.  The Cubs Win.  We see Theo hugignt he rest of the front office.  The fans are behaving themselves and staying off the fields.  "We hav ejust seen one of the greatest things in Chicago Cubs History" says Pat.

Parachat Recap


1st Inning

  •  Contract negotiations in higher ed. = Drowning in despair. 
  • CTSteve, bizmarquis, crunch, Just_a_girl, mister_whipple and me start off the game. Carlos_Cherry (formerly Rocky_Cherry) joins. MorningtonCrescent joins. later, big_lowitzki
  • We celebrate an early lead.  Discuss our levels of anxiety, rapidly dropping with the early run. 
  • Carlos demands updates. All the time.
  • Maniacal laughing at Toles' error.
  • Paying attention to Kershaw's pitch count. 
  • Grandpa Ross air-drumming to "In the Air Tonight."

2nd Inning

  • The horrific consequences that will ensue of Paul Sullivan tries to call Lackey "Grandpa" next year.
  • Schwarber's BP.
  • How Baez will make up for his error.
  • Dodgers We Dislike.
  • Why aren't there 20 people or more in parachat right now?
  • Crunch lectures me on over-the-line analogies.
  • What we're eating and drinking
  • I tease bizmarquis for his failed joke about Joe Buck

3rd Inning

  • All of us are super wound-up, except biz, who is calm.
  • Would we want to see Chapman pitch two innings?  No.
  • Schwarber as a Gibson-esque World Series hero.
  • Making fun of Pedro Baez.
  • We approve of the new 1-game wild card format.

4th Inning

  •  Do we buy that Schwarber really could be on the WS roster?  Not entirely, but still fun to dream on.
  • Other changes to WS roster?
  • Being too young and stupid to know what you're doing.
  • After many technical difficulties, Just_a_girl rejoins us.
  • This is no time to be at an amusement park.  NO TIME FOR AMUSEMENT!
  • Real friends don't force you to be at an amusement park for this game.

5th Inning

  • 500. 
  • Hendricks is good looking.
  • Admiring Hendricks' masterful game.
  • Ted Ed talks on the Hagia Sophia vs the Cubs Game.
  • Bosio's blessing-of-the-field-with-sunflower-seeds ritual.
  • We are going nuts in parachat.
  • Schwarber update.

 6th Inning

  • I am happy. It's been a rough week, and year, so thank you, Cubs.
  • General disbelief and excitement in parachat.
  • A random detour to discuss Citizens United and Super PAC spending. Way to go, lowitzki.

7th Inning

  • Brick joins.
  • explaining our most recent meme to people who missed it.
  • Utter disbelief at the single worst performance of the 7th inning stretch anyone ever witnessed.
  • Schwarber updates.  Figuring out how to simulate big-league quality stuff for Schwarber to face.

8th Inning

  • Counting down the outs
  • Do we like swapping Hendricks out for Chapman? (I hate it.)
  • 'los rejoins us.
  • Sundrome!  5 outs to go in game 6 of the LCS sundrome!
  • Praise be to Baez.
  • That time we convinced Carlos that Parachat was censoring all curse words was ######## hilarious.
  • Things we'd do to get to Chicago for the Series.
  • Hurry up and get to the 9th. (No. Keep scoring.)

9th Inning

  • Parachat Riotting. 



[ ]

In reply to by crunch

Some initial thoughts on the World Series 1. Wouldn't surprise me if Montero is left off the roster. Indians stole 134 bases during the regular season and Miggy can't get base runners out. Jake actually had a better ERA with Ross than Miggy, but the no hitter strongly lowered that ERA. 2. Facing left handed hitters is far less of an issue. Naquin likely doesn't start against Lester, Kipnis does, not sure about Chisenhall. Lindor is a switch hitter who hits well from both sides 3. Initial roster projection: Catchers (3): Ross, Montero, Contreas Infielders (4): Baez, Rizzo, KB, Russell Outfielders (6): Zobrist, Fowler, Heyward, Soler, Almora Jr, Coghlan DH (1): Schwarber Rotation (4 and in order): Lester, Arrieta, Hendricks, Lackey (game 2 would be short rest for Hendricks, so I doubt he starts) Bullpen (7): Chapman, Rondon, Strop, Grimm, Wood, Montgomery, Edwards Maybe subtract Montero and add Smith or Sczur because he has a lucky bat, lol If Schwarber isn't on the roster, I would like to see Contreas DH games he doesn't catch. He's been swinging the bat very well. Soler in games where Contreas catches. 4. I've read that there is a decent chance that Salazar is ready to return to Clevland's roster, but as a reliever. Similar situation to Wainwright in last season's NLDS. #FlyTheW Also, when John Vincent said the word "free", it reminded me of Pedro Baez. Thank goodness we don't need to see him until next season (hopefully with a pitch clock).

I haven't even processed this yet. Thanks for the recap, Trans. I'm afraid that no one new will ever come to Parachat now that they will see what it looks like!

Kyle Schwarber reinstated from 60-day DL and assigned to Mesa Solar Sox (AFL), was DH for MSS Saturday night at Sloan Park in Mesa: 0-3 (3-U, 4-3, BB, L-8)

LHP Giovanni Soto DFA to clear 40-man roster slot for Schwarber (had to be reinstated from DL before he could be asigned to AFL).

if I couldn't have been in section 223, I would have wanted to be in parachat with you guys. What a night.

Roberts in post-game press conference: The better team won this series, and, you know, that's why you play a seven game series.


I still can't believe it - the team played a virtually perfect game. To win the penant. So psyched for Tuesday!

[ ]

In reply to by Eric S

Hendricks! My goodness! For a "finesse" pitcher to pitch that well when the ballpark is rockin' and the city is ready to explode is truly amazing. Power guys can "reach back for something extra" when the adrenaline is pumping, but Kyle doesn't do that -- it's got to be different speeds, movement and location. The dude is one cool customer. Just amazing!

[ ]

In reply to by billybucks

Not true, BB. Hendricks reached back for something extra in several key moments and got the late swing-and-miss on a fastball. That what that great change-up sets you up for. Supposedly that's what Borzello has been harping on with Hendricks. Use that four-seamer in two-strike situations. Rich Hill, another pitcher who drives in the slow lane, gets more late swings on his fastball than anyone.

Incredible feeling to be inside the stadium last night. It felt like there was nowhere else in the entire world worth being at except for Clark and Addison. So happy for Cubs fans everywhere and fans on this board.

it turns out those various anti-hillary ads we saw last night were funded heavily by the ricketts clan (and all around great human being sheldon adelson). sigh. laura ricketts has given some loot to PACs on the other side. which rich person will influence your vote? stay tuned!

Top of the 8th inning in Game 6 of the NLCS -- Cubs "5 outs away" -- and the opposing batter hits a double-play ball.....Baez to Russell to Rizzo for the DP. Nice.

I feel there's never any accountability on the Internet and I think that's wrong, so I'll fess up here and lead by example: My panicking over the Cubs offense after game 3 turned out to be completely unfounded. I was totally wrong. What a team.

[ ]

In reply to by Ryno

The offense looked awful even in their wins and in a series it's tough to know if they'll be able to turn it around in time. Im glad we aren't resting as long as the Indians because I want this offense back on the field now cause my good it looks like it can hit anything. Cubs are going to the World Series. That is pretty ridiculously great to say.

My observation from inside the park: - Tried my best to start the Ker-shaw chants in my section. He was rattled early and as Joe promised, our boys were prepared going the other way. - Unlike 2003, 2007, 2008 where Iwas waiting for something to go wrong, this time it was, "We got this!". - Wrigley needs to stop allowing vendors to sell in the Main isle, prior to the start of a Playoff game. The throng trying to get in their seats already is a brutal task. These guys have plenty of other places to sell. - Countless men, and women weeping at the final out. Including me. Wondering if my 96 year old dad, and WWII vet, saw anything. Took me to my first game in '68. - The remaining post-game fans in attendance soaked it all in. After hanging out there through the ceremony, we descended into the insane mass of joyful hysteria, honking horns on bordering streets, and bars with lines too long to wait. - Ended up at a tavern in Andersonville for a victory nightcap. - Lifetime, golden memory long in the making. Thank you Tom. Thank you Theo. Thank you Broxton. On to the Series!

kluber gets game 1 vs the cubs. also, "Indians manager Terry Francona said Sunday that the team doctor's will continue to monitor Trevor Bauer's finger and could push the right-hander back to Game 3 of the World Series if he isn't ready for Game 2." j.tomlin is the #3 guy (who might be the #2 guy). d.salazar threw today and if they feel good about him he'll make the WS roster and potentially pitch the #4 slot. quite honestly,'s the pen that should worry the cubs. since the break they've been deadly and quite great overall.

Thank you, Trans! These are the moments I live for! And a fantastic recap just enhances the pleasure!

What the hell just happened? Okay, it happened Saturday night. But you know what I mean. My only comment is that I hope the whole Schwarber thing is just a ploy to keep the Indians thinking a bit more than they have to.

Special shout out to fried chicken and beer. Without these two special ingredients I'm not sure either club would be in the WS - thank you, Red Sox!

Recent comments

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    I was at the Cubs - Dodgers game at Wrigley Field in May 1967, the last game before Ken Holtzman was to report for active duty and be gone for a long time. (He ended up getting leave occasionally on weekends so he could pitch for the Cubs). Cubs won 20-3. Knocked out Claude Osteen. Holtzman pitched a complete game. Randy Hundley hit a grand slam. Adolfo Phillips hit a HR and a double and drove in six runs. Even Glenn Beckett hit a HR! Ted Savage stole home (and it was a true "Jackie Robinson" steal of home, too, not the back end of a double steal). For me, it was one of the most memorable Cubs games of the 1960's.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    azbobbop: No update on Derniche Valdez. He is still on the Restricted List. 

  • crunch (view)

    ken holtzman has died.

  • crunch (view)

    if it's not a morel injury i'd at least like him to sit long enough to get his finger healed.  he doesn't seem to be swinging as strongly and even foul balls are bothering him.  he's been carrying the injury for a week-ish now.

    dude almost lost is career and use of one of his hands years ago, and he's young...nothing short of his hand falling off will have him telling counsell or the trainers he's not good to go.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    Could be Paternity or Bereavement.

  • crunch (view)


    morel IL (finally)?  cooper done with the cubs?  something else...

    twitter detectives seem to think suzuki may have injured himself yesterday...

  • Childersb3 (view)

    Heyman reports Canario is being promoted
    No mention of who's going down
    This seems weird
    I'm not upset at all, but is he going to play?
    Wisdom staying to Iowa?
    Mastro going down?
    Someone hurt?
    We'll see

  • crunch (view)

    truth.  his velocity does tend to peak out at 80-90 pitches, but i think he has it in him with regular work given what he showed last season.

    the fact he moves so seamlessly between starting and long relief may doom him to the pen, anyway.

  • TarzanJoeWallis (view)

    Phil, my presumption was that the Cubs are sellers at the trade deadline and that Happ would be willing to waive his no trade clause to play for a potential WS champion. Lots of ifs there but I don’t think completely out of the question.

  • Arizona Phil (view)

    Julio Teheran was a SP for the Brewers last season, so Counsell should know him pretty well.