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Game 43 Recap: Cubs 3, Cardinals 4

A(nother) tough loss.

Box Score, Play Log, Game Graphs

W - Rosenthal (2-1), late-inning drama, Cubbery, Cardinals pinch-hitting

L - Warren (3-1), wasting great starts, confidence

Things to Take from This Game

1. Lackey makes it look easy, until...

 Lackey worked briskly, threw strikes, and had a good fastball and swing-and-miss slider--he K'd five consecutivey, early in the game. This was the sort of bulldog or workhorse mentality, take your pick, that we were promised with his off-season signing. For the first 6.3 innings it looked like RBI singles by Montero and Rizzo, and an RBI fielder's choice by Russell would hold up. Lackey finished with 4 hits and 1 walk allowed, and 9 strikeouts.

2. ... Adams continues Cards pinch-hit heroics

Take a look at the game graph, which nicely illustrates the late-inning drama. See that jagged move upward? Adams's pinch-hit game-tying home run moved the Cards' Win Expectency from 15.8% to 52%. It was really quite stunning, in the context of how effortlessly Lackey had been cruising along.

3. Grichuk saddles Warren with the loss.

Continuing the theme set by Lackey, Warren looked dominant for his first five batters, only to jar us out of whatever remaining sense of confidence we might have had. He rolled a slider, and the badly slumping Grichuk hit out to right for the game-winning home run.

Essential Questions

1.  Can we please get back to winning series, now?

2.  Which slumping Cubs will step up and help Zobrist (three more hits, tonight) carry the offense?

3.  How much longer can your own fragile Cubs-fan Psyche stave off the doubts and worries?


Game Recap

FanGraphs gives the Cubs a 48.7% chance of winning this game. Kelly Crull tells us that Lackey didn't take an early flight to St. Louis, and instead stayed with the team's charter flight. It arrived around 3am this morning. Len tells us that most of the players slept in quite a bit. Heyward exchanges the lineup card, and we're told he might not play this series. Which is far better than the might not play the rest of this year, that I once feared.

Top of 1st

  • Wainwright throws a fastball over the middle of the plate to begin the game. Fowler's OBP is the lowest it has been all year.   .435. 
  • Fowler flies into shallow left-center, Grichuk gets it.
  • Bryant rolls one to Wong for the second out.
  • Zobrist hits one against the shift, bouncing it just to the right of Carpenter at third.
  • Rizzo rolls into the shift, Wong picking it up a bit in and toward first from normal second baseman positioning.

Bottom of 1st

  •  And we're off. Lackey starts Carpenter with a fastball over the middle.
  • 1-1 count, Carpenter hits a hard bouncer to Zobrist for the 4-3.
  • Diaz k's looking at a sort-of sidearm fastball from Lackey, 94mph. Lot of giddyup on the fastball, early on.
  • Lackey is working quickly and throwing strikes. Mostly fastballs so far. Going to what looks like a slider he gets Holliday on a check swing. A very nice start to the game from Lackey; he's getting out of the gate quickly.

Top of 2nd

  •  Soler grounds out to Wong.
  • We're told Heyward wanted to play, today, but that Maddon plans on being careful, especially with Thursday being an off-day.  Friday may be the return-date.
  • Montero takes an 0-2 curveball that catches too much of the plate and slaps in against the shift, right of the third-baseman, for a single.
  • Baez flies to Holliday.
  • Russell bounces to Carpenter.

Bottom of 2nd

  •  Piscotty, much like Holliday, K's on a check-swing against a slider out of the zone.
  • Moss K's swinging, Len tells us he's thrown 17 of 23 pitches for strikes.
  • And Molina K's swinging at a moving fastball down in the zone.  Five K's in a row. Lackey has unbridled the A-stuff, tonight.

Top of 3rd

  •  Wainwright K's Lackey swinging over a slider.
  • Fowler rolls one up the first base line to Moss.
  • JD tells us that if this was a horse race, Lackey would have "Early Speed."  Hay, quit stealing our routine, J.D.
  • Bryant lines one with lots of topspin out to Holliday.

Bottom of 3rd

  •  Another strike-one fastball to Grichuk.
  • Grichuk lines a shot up the middle. Zobrist is shifted over toward short, but still isn't quite able to corrale it.
  • Lackey then hits Wong on the knee with the next pitch.  Runners on 1 and 2, and Wainwright bunts. Replay indicates Lackey probably had a play at third. But did he take it?  Nay.
  • With a base open, Lackey nibbles, and eventually walks Carpenter.
  • Diaz flies to Soler in medium-depth left. Soler has plenty of time to prepared to put his momentum behind his throw, but JD points out that he sort of kept driving toward center with the fly ball, and thus didn't get much behind the throw. Cut off by Baez. 1-0 Cards
  • Lackey recovers to K Holliday swinging at another slider off the plate.

Top of 4th

  •  Zobrist lines a single between first and second for a single.
  • Hit and Run, Zobrist hits against the shift, a bit, making Diaz field it just to the third base side of second base.  Out at first, Zobrist at second.
  • Soler gets hit, just about the front knee. Very similar to Wong's plunking.
  • Montero takes a little breaking piece and hits it the other way, intot he left-center gap. Zobrist scores, and Soler goes to third on the single. 1-1 game.
  • Baez with a surprise bunt. It's an awkward play as it bounces right up in front of home plate, with Baez sort of standing in front of home plate in fair territory looking at it.  It doesn't hit him, and Molina grabs it but Moss isn't covering first, and everyone is safe. Bases loaded on an odd little play.
  • Russell pulls one into the hole, and Diaz can only get the force at second, as a run scores. 2-1 Cubs, runners at 1 and 3 with 2 outs.
  • Lackey hits a two-hopper to Wong, and casually trots halfway down the line as the inning ends.

Bottom of 4th

  •  A breaking ball gets away from Lackey and gently hits Piscotty. Three hit-batters in the game, all told, now. That's a lot of horse-hide betting branded on to the batters.
  • Moss lines right to Rizzo, who steps on the bag for the double-play.
  • Molina breaks his bat on a roller to Russell, and slowly jogs down the line. Russell then throws an off-line sinker that Rizzo stretches for, but can't keep in contact with the bag. Molina picks up the pace (it's hard to tell, with Molina) and makes it on the error.   Would have been a five-pitch inning.
  • Lackey's slider has a lot of bite tonight. It gets Grichuk swinging.

Top of 5th

  • Fowler lines one with topspin out to right, and Piscotty makes a nice diving catch coming in on it.
  • Bryant walks.
  • After a good battle, Zobrist also works a walk.
  • Rizzo breaks his bat hitting a soft liner into right. Bryant comes around to score. 3-1 Cubs.
  • Soler gets antsy and misses by a few feet at something darting low and away on the first pitch of the at-bat. And now a pitch that looks to be low and outside gets called a strike.  The pitch-tracking replay puts it exactly on the corner. A curve gets Soler swinging. Ugly at bat.
  • Montero flails at a curveball in the dirt, ending the inning.

Bottom of 5th

  • Wong breaks his bat rolling out to Rizzo for a 3-1 putout. Seems like a lot of broken bats, tonight.
  • Baez makes a very nice backhand on a chopper off of Wainwright's bat.
  • Lackey is galloping right along with another 8-pitch inning as Carpenter bounces to Rizzo, 3-1 again.

Top of 6th

  • Baez, jammed, pops to Wong behind second base.
  • Russell takes an outside fastball the other way for a single. Nice stroke.
  • Lackey strikes out, bunting foul. Not pretty work. He's improving, offensively, but is no threat to win any Triple Crown.
  • Russell runs, and the throw looks to have Russell out, but Diaz loses the ball as he is tagging Russell's shoulder. It doesn't look like much at all, but Diaz is shaken up by it. Trainers come out. Diaz stays in the game.
  • Fowler walks, and out comes Matheny. Wainwright talks the manager into letting him face Bryant with runners on 1st and 2nd.
  • Bryant taps one up the first-base line. Wainwright fields it and takes it to the bag, to get out of the inning.

Bottom of 6th

  • Diaz hits a soft liner into center, Fowler comes in on it and makes the play.
  • Holliday inside-outs a little bloop into right for a hit. Lackey has only thrown 64 pitches and it could be less with a few plays made behind him.
  • Speaking of Piscotty promptly pops up to Zobrist. Lackey's really plowing through this lineup.
  • Moss flies to Soler. Lackey is making this look easy. 71 pitches through six.

Top of 7th

  • Seung Hwan Oh in to pitch. Zobrist pops to Carpenter, and sort of swats away his bat in disgust as he jogs to first.
  • Rizzo chops one in the dirt in front of home plate, which Carpenter, shifted to the right side of second base, fields for the put-out.
  • Soler takes a pitcher perhaps inside off the plate for strike three.  He chats with the umpire a bit about it.

Bottom of 7th

  •  Szczur in for Soler in left.  Molina grounds one just to Zobrist's left, into right field for the hit.
  • Grichuk pops to Zobrist. More first-pitch swinging.
  • Wong swings over a slider down and in, for the strikeout
  • Adams pinch-hits for Oh.
  • As Len and JD talk about how great Cardinal pinch-hitting has been, Lackey rolls a curveball and Adams hits it out to dead-center. Very suddenly and unexpectedly we have a time game. Pitch was hung like a horse.  3-3 tie.
  • Carpenter swings over another good slider to end the inning.
  • The Adams at-bat changed the Cardinals' Win Expectency, per fan-graphs, from 15.8 % to 52%

Top of 8thSiegrist in to pitch. Montero walks, and Travis Wood pinch-runs for him.

  • The home-plate umpire is pretty rattled by a foul-tip to the face mask. Len and JD discuss Matheny apparently not remembering the last year and a half of his career, due to concussions.
  • A pitch gets away from Molina a bit, who scampers after it, and sort of tumbles over his feet, but rolls over on his butt to pop back up, and the crowd cheers his graceful clumsiness.
  • Baez then lines to Holliday.
  • Russell hits a check-swing roller to second, and is hustling down the line trying to avoid the double-play. Just does beat the throw, perhaps tying it. A real photo-finish, but Russell is confirmed safe.
  • LaStella pinch-hits, and flies to Grichuk.

Bottom of 8th

  • Warren in to pitch. 3-2 count to Diaz, who reaches out for one and flies out to Fowler.
  • Holliday reaches down and lines to Bryant in right.
  • I just now realize Ross came in for Montero on the double-switch, when Wood pinch-ran for him.
  • Piscotty looks at a called strike. three.

Top of 9th

  • Rosenthal in to pitch.
  • Fowler lines a 3-2 fastball down the center of the plate back up the middle for a single.
  • Bryant looks at a 1-2 fastball off the corner, and a 2-2 fastball on the corner. Not happy about it.
  • Molina tries to throw behind Fowler at first and short-hops Moss, who makes a nice pick to keep the ball from skipping down the line into right.
  • Zobrist with a seeing-eye single just past a diving Diaz, behind second base.   Fowler to third.
  • 98 mph fastball inside to Rizzo, ball one.  1-1 pitch, Rizzo fists one inside out, a dying little bloop that Carpenter catches diving head-first toward the third-base bag.  Fowler committed to going, and Carpenter just needs to reach over to tag the base for the double play. Tough end to a promising rally. Can't really fault Fowler on the play; he was taking a good lead down the line, was trying to score on a grounder, and it was a really tough read.

Bottom of 9th

  • Warren throws a nice diving changeup at the bottom of the zone and Moss swings over it for the strikeout.
  • Molina hits a one-hopper to Russell,  a couple feet back on the outfield grass - the luxury of defending someone as slow as Molina. Gets him at first.
  • Grichuk takes a 2-2 slider out over the plate and drives it deep to right, and I rapidly get a sinking feeling as I realize how well hit it is. Bryant makes a valiant but vain leap for it, as the ball lands in the Cardinals' bullpen. Warren had looked really sharp, right up to that pitch.  4-3 Cards.



Parachat Recap


1st Inning

  • The dumpster fire that is the Reds bullpen.
  • Gilbert Gottfried.
  • Paddling Bears
  • Zobrist's bat-wiggle
  • Rizzo's slow-jam grinding in his batting stance
  • Horse-jokes.
  • The Matusz trade
  • Other injury updates. 

2nd Inning

3rd Inning

  • An unending barrage of horse jokes. Unending.  Good work, everyone.
  • Knee surguries to procure drugs.
  • Marcel Ozuna, on-base king.
  • analyzing Soler's throw home.

4th Inning

  • An unending stream of horse puns. Winner, is Crunch's "Little horse."
  • 90s Visors
  • In reference to this incident, CTSteve tells us that real love means not getting cancer. He demands that I put this on the record. Lackey isn't great at husbandry, as Ryno later explains.
  • From horse puns to wong puns.
  • Respect the 90.
  • We get Carlos caught up to speed on what's been a rollicking parachat.

5th Inning

  • The horse puns are unending.  I can't even try to get them all into parachat, but will keep sneaking some into the game recap. Way to bring the A-game, everyone.
  • Jacos tells sucn an elaborate Lone Ranger and Silver joke that we all wish the cancer jokes would return.
  • Ballplayers with neck tattoos.
  • Cardinal players we actively hate.
  • BEES!
  • Roasts.
  • Pulled pork.
  • Honey.
  • Proper BBQing technique.
  • The Cub Reporter Cookbook.

6th Inning

  • Jacos with a second extended joke, ten times worse than the first.
  • Redemption with a North Carolina Tooth-brush joke.
  • Even more horse puns. There's just an endless stream of them. The parachatters are a real whiz at this.
  • The decision to leave in Wainwright.
  • The sixth inning, and finally, some of the puns are a bit forced. You're just going to stirrup trouble if you force a pun.
  • What do we do for the encore to this parachat?

7th Inning

  • We try to convince JAG she can handle more horse jokes.  We're trying to keep the situation stable.
  • Root Beer and Orange Crush-flavored pop tarts.
  • Horror at a tie game.

8th Inning

  • We conclude that at this point, with the puns, we're just beating a dead horse.
  • Ordering pet toys from China.
  • Hores-haters.
  • Gigantic tennis balls.
  • Are dogs intelligent enough to get complexes? (Yes.)
  • Concussions and Matheny's memory
  • Prince is dead?!?!?!
  • Tacky t-shirts.


9th Inning

  • We aren't quite done with the horse puns.
  • Disappointment.
  • Managing the game from parachat
  • Greater disappointment.

Cubs drop to 2-2 in games recapped in 2016


1. I did not say the thing I insisted that Trans write down and attribute to me, or it was taken out of context.

2. Trans and his "roast" (aka, a Salisbury steak TV dinner by Swanson) are very low energy.

3. Make TCR great again.


Very bizarre game -- as you say, both Cubs pitchers were dominant until the one fatal pitch. It was like watching the Bears defense shut down a team, and then lose on 2 punt returns. Some better hitting with RISP would be a good idea, too.

Recent comments

  • Childersb3 (view)

    Things I've been wrong about:

    -Tauchman is fine as a 4th OF. I knew that. I just want a better LH DH option and he was really the DH for us until Seiya got hurt. I'm glad Mervis is getting a chance at it. Caissie is coming for that job for sure. But Tauchman continues to be highly useful as a 4th OF with Seiya being hurt

    -I wanted Yency to go to get guys at Iowa a chance. Guys like Palencia and Sanders or RileyT. Maybe even Hodge! But Yency has been better the last two plus weeks. He did hit 96 the other day. He was 93 in Texas to open the season.

    -Leiter has his split working enough. It just needs to stay there

    -I was surprised Jed picked Wisdom over Cooper. I wonder if this happens if Seiya wasn't hurt. Wisdom has more power. Cooper is the better hitter. Jed picked Wisdom and Wisdom had an option left as well.

    -Palencia just doesn't miss enough bats. Similar to ManRod, just two yrs younger. ManRod is killing AAA for TB right now!

    Things I got right so far:

    -Hendricks. Sorry Kyle. You got paid though!

    Jed, you missed there.

    -Smyly. If Jed could've traded him before or during ST, then he should have and saved some cash.

    -Mastro.  Not a LH DH. Pinch runner. Defensive utility. Maybe he's better than Madrigal but didn't get a legit chance to prove it.

    -Luke Little is good. He's had one bad outing. That's it. Needs to get better entering with guys on base. But he needs to stay in MLB.

    -Oh yeah....Morel is doing fine at 3B! He'll get better as well!!

  • crunch (view)

    bellinger "right rib contusion"

  • Childersb3 (view)

    South Bend just lost the lead in the bottom of the 9th on the weirdest scenario, ever.

    It's absolutely pouring on 1st and 2nd, 1out....JPatterson asks for a new ball, but no time out was called....he throws the old ball toward the dugout (not sure if it rolled out of play).....the ump declares the runners get two bases each so one run scores. Then a single up the middle ties the game.

    The rain was coming down in buckets at this point.

    Just weird

  • crunch (view)

    ...and bellinger is gone in the 7th because of that 2nd blown chance and the wall he bounced off of...

    hopefully his rib cage/shoulder feels better tomorrow, we just got happ back.

  • Childersb3 (view)


    Any thoughts on Y. Rojas' stuff and Y. Melendez's game (I believe I've asked about him before, sorry)?

  • crunch (view)

    wow, things are moving fast.  hopefully it continues.

  • crunch (view)

    morel with 4 clean plays in 4 innings...showed off his 100000000mph arm a couple times.

    cody bellinger not having a good 4th, though...5 run leads are handy when your CF is making your pitcher have a 5-out inning.  2nd blown chance was ruled a hit even though it went in/out of his glove...1st was lost in the lights, also ruled a hit.

  • crunch (view)

    welcome back happ!  double off the wall 1st PA back.

  • crunch (view)

    oh yeah, totally, i was just chiming about why i fan like i fan.

    i would like nothing more than hendricks to keep on hendricks'ing.  guys with his stuff can throw for a long, long time as long as it works.

    he velocity is actually up a minor amount this year.  it's really "damn" when a guy like him not only has gas in the tank, but it's looking like it was years ago.  he added a curve a few years ago and it helped a little bit, but he's throwing it less and less while the fb/change combo are less effective.

  • Alexander Dimm (view)

    CRUNCH—There is no one person in this community I’m talking about.  My remarks were not directed at you or anyone, but at a tone I’ve noticed lately. 

    You have a great, dry sense of humor and there is thought behind your comments.   You and I don’t always agree but I always understand your position.  

    Lastly, and I’ll be quiet, I agree with you on Hendricks.  We can dislike the recent performance but still love the guy.  Lots of questions about his future.